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Graduate Email Self Service Password Reset

The University has now made available Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) - a new Cloud based tool - to all graduate email accounts. 


SSPR replaces the current Queen's Online password reset tool and will allow you to change your password, reset your password (if you have forgotten it) or unlock your account if it is locked, for example if you have tried signing in too many time with an incorrect password.

Because the service is Cloud based and accessed via a browser, SSPR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and can be accessed from any device or location. In addition, SSPR is very secure as it requires Multi-Factor Authentication to use (a security measure which ensures users are who they say they are by requiring two pieces of evidence to prove their identity).

The SSPR user interface for managing your password and unlocking your account has been designed to be user friendly and accessible. Online guidance on how to use the tool can be accessed via the IT Service Desk SSPR Guidance document. 


If you have any queries about the SSPR tool or are experiencing any difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk.







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