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As a new graduate, you can continue to use the services and information available through the Careers, Employability and Skills team.


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How you can avail of Queen's campus as a graduate.

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 Want to know how to get your child to actually learn in lockdown? Want to know the latest coronavirus vaccine news? Join our team and a guest expert(s) for live Q&A sessions on everything and anything.

You can find recordings of our previous sessions below:

How to Engage Your Child to Learn During Lockdown

The Science Behind COVID-19

Combating Loneliness

How to go Green

How Gender Matters

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Graduating from Queen's opens the door for you to join a network of 140,000 who are making a difference in more than 120 countries around the world.

You can now enjoy a life-long connection to Queen's which brings with it an array of benefits. You are only a click away from discovering how to get the most out of being part of the Queen's family!
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Have Your Wedding at Queen's

Queen's University is an ideal location for your perfect wedding.

As a graduate you can hold your civil ceremony and/or wedding reception on our beautiful historic campus.


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the Development and Alumni Office promotes great events.

How you can avail of Queen's campus as a graduate.

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